Stations of the Cross–Mercy Reflections

Over the last number of weeks, mercy reflections on the Stations of the Cross have been published on Catholic365.

Here for your convenience, consideration, and comment are links to the reflections.

Please share your insights as you pray the Stations. Thank you!

On Good Friday and always, may God abundantly bless you.

First Station     Jesus is condemned

Second Station       Jesus accepts His Cross with love

Third, Seventh, and Ninth Stations     Jesus falls three times

Fourth Station        Jesus meets His sorrowful Mother

Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Stations        Jesus receives consolation and gives counsel and consolation

Tenth Station        Jesus is robbed of His garments

Eleventh Station       Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Twelfth Station        Jesus dies on the Cross

Thirteenth Station         Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Fourteenth Station      Jesus’ Body is placed in the tomb

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