About the Author: bataylor


Thank you for wondering about the author of this blog, and noticing a way to access this information:)

For many years (traced back, I suspect, to when as a preschooler, my father literally sat me on his lap and sketched some stick figures to accompany the stories he made up on the spot to amuse me), I have been yearning to be the published author of children’s beautiful Caldecott-award-winning picture books (not that I could provide the artwork). The older (and wiser?) I get, the more I yearn, too, to be the author of adult spirituality books.

Although those yearnings have not been fulfilled yet (and maybe never will be), praise God that there are online outlets now for me to share my noticings, wonderings, and yearnings with readers such as you, willing to take a chance on me–that I might have observations to share that minister to you.

The irony is that for many years as an acquisitions editor, I made it possible for others to realize their writing dreams. Thank you for being my audience. Thank you for helping me realize my dreams to make a difference in someone’s life by sharing the thoughts and inspirations that I hope will minister to them.

Finally, I pray that if not through, then despite my best attempts to share life-giving words of encouragement, inspiration, and healing, the Word Himself, the Author of Life, will minster to you as only He Himself  can do!

Please share your thoughts and inspirations. Believe me!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Every blessing!

Bobbie Ann Taylor (a.k.a. bataylor)

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