as if for the first time….

An author by desire and an educator by profession,  I  love words. I love to play with words. I love to notice things about words–although not just  about words.

Yesterday, when I was scanning with a bar code scanner a name that I had scanned hundreds of times before during the last seven years I have seen that name in my role as a library media specialist,  something clicked.

In an instant, I noticed something  that I hadn’t noticed before.

Amazing!  That last name was one of my favorite word types. It was a palindrome.

As gleeful as I was at the discovery, I was sad at the loss.

And I wondered, as if I had come to the end of a seven-year drought, why suddenly, without warning or apparent intent to do so, I had fully “seen” it, as if for the first time for what it truly was, and why I or the first time,  neglected to notice it before.

And I’m still wondering.

What else have I failed to notice in the last seven years? What things of far greater magnitude?

And I’m wondering why I ever wondered why those who walked with the Lord of Life, the Word of Words were so blind, so un-seeing?

Lord, I want to see. I want to notice every undeserved goodness Your Grace brings to me.

…To those who have taken time to read this post. To those of you who love words, too. God bless you.

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