birthday blessings for Malala Yousafzai

It’s one week after our Fourth of July celebration, and I can’t help wondering to what extent we realize and appreciate the blessings of the freedom that our children—boys and girls (as well as we adults)—have to receive a (lifelong) formal education.

Today is the eighteenth birthday of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who tirelessly advocates for childhood education, particularly for girls, as well as an end to their forced childhood marriages and other violations against them.

Malala has already paid once—and nearly fatally–for her love of learning. And the bullet she took to the head, thank God!, neither stopped nor embittered her.

Explaining in an interview that she holds neither hatred nor wishes for retaliation against her would-be assassins, Malala is a shining witness to mercy, while fighting for justice.

And I’m remembering that those who stand for mercy and justice, like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of her inspirational heroes, often are called to make the ultimate sacrifice, as did the Lord Jesus.

I’m praying that God protect Malala and those who join her. May He bless them with long lives of fruitful service.

May they be His instruments in fulfilling the yearning of so many of the world’s children—His children– to have a formal education, and to live and to learn without violence or violation, regardless of their color, nationality, gender, or race, wherever they live in this world.

Today on her eighteenth birthday, and every day for decades to come, may God bless Malala and her childhood advocacy work.

If you feel so called, perhaps you would like to help with prayer and other kinds of support…

God bless you, too.

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