Praise God! “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Spiritual Journey framedBearing no malice toward turkeys, nonetheless, I respectfully ask that we keep the turkeys where they belong–tastily plattered on our Thanksgiving tables, and not elevate them to a position of honored guests.

Contrary to what a stranger might think upon hearing the greeting of “Happy Turkey Day,” Thanksgiving can proceed perfectly fine without turkeys. Let us please call the day what it is! Thanksgiving Day. Let us please greet each other accordingly: Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us not utter “Happy Turkey Day,” transforming one National day per year set aside for thanking God into yet another commercial day. “Happy Thanksgiving!” Let us think about Who we are thanking and why.

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In anticipation of next Thursday and in light of all the reasons we need to draw nearer to God, to give Him more recognition and praise, this is my Thanksgiving plea.

Will you please join me in offering “Happy Thanksgiving” as the greeting of preference next week? Thank you!  God bless you and your families!

Please enjoy a beautifully sung rendition of a Thanksgiving praise  hymn, accompanied with a medley of gorgeous autumn visuals.

“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” sung by Heidi Nadine

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