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Though I try to make it a priority, I don’t always succeed at ending each month with a prayer of grateful surrender for the month gone by and a prayer of grateful entrustment for the month about to begin.

Since December 31st is not only the end of the month, but the end of the year, yes!, I did remember to take the time to make that dual prayer this morning.

Although the quote has never been the same for me (without the realization of the great cost to Christ) since I heard the way it was used during the film “The Passion of the Christ,” still, in anticipation of the New Year, I keep thinking of what Jesus says in Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I make all things new.”

Problem for me is that while I want the Lord’s gift of newness, I don’t always want to do the things, make the sacrifices, take the steps that are required to embrace the newness that the Lord offers–each moment of each day.

So, when I think of Jesus making all things new, I think, too, of the quote that convicted me during a silent retreat a number of years ago.

“Sing to the Lord a new song.”

I think of the continual conversion-response that the newness of the Lord calls for versus my same old song–my “songs”–pardon the expression–of complaint, regret, discouragement, nostalgia. Songs of refusing to let go of the sadness and disappointment.

Providentially, today’s liturgical responsorial psalm was Psalm 96 which contains one of a number of versions of that invitation-command:

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all you lands.
Sing to the LORD; bless his name; announce his salvation, day after day.

And so, at the end of another year, I was reminded that the newness that the Lord offers is mine to receive, but that the receiving demands decision, and whatever cooperative action is required.

My New Year’s wish for me and all of us is that we be re-created each day by a loving God Who offers us endless possibilities for drawing closer to Him.

I found a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that brings together for me the December SJT theme of Gift, extending it into a New Year of the continued gift of newness, of endless possibilities:

“A day is a miniature Eternity.”

Blessed 2016! ….God bless you each and every day as you journey closer to Him. May an Eternity of all things new in Him be yours every single day.


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6 Responses to All things new

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    Each morning we are greeted with a new day and that is very comforting to me. Receiving God’s newness does require action and that is something I want to work on this “new” year. I also hope to get to know you better through sharing our words and our faith. And I will certainly pray for your daughter to know and accept God’s will in her life.


    • bobbietaylor says:

      Thank you so very much for taking time to read the post and to share your heartfelt reflections in response. Sorry for taking so long to acknowledge your response. We’ve been having Internet problems; though I’ve checked before, I didn’t see the three SJT responses till tonight. I am very grateful that you would pray for our daughter, and I am very grateful, too, that going forward, you will be part of my spiritual journey. SJT posts and comments have been an integral part of my spiritual growth and maturity since I first joined this Fall. Thank you for honoring my participation with your kind words about hoping to get to know me better; please know that the hope is mutual! God bless you! Am looking forward to tomorrow’s posts! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences!


  2. cvarsalona says:

    Bobbie, there are many nuggets of wisdom in your post today that is filled with possibilities for renewal. As the Lord makes things new, he also asks us to journey on that road with Him (hard as it may be). Thank you for the gifts of newness and possibilities.


    • bobbietaylor says:

      Thank you for taking time to read and to comment, as always so positively! I love your word “renewal.” Reminds me that being made new is a repeat process. So many changes to come closer to the Lord. Thanks for reminding me, too, that He’s on the journey right alongside us. He’s not standing off in the distance, arms folded, waiting to appraise what happens. You are as gifted as you are generous with your nuggets of wisdom. God bless you! Sorry I didn’t see and respond sooner. …But it never too late to start anew, right? I need and appreciate your message tonight!


  3. hollymueller says:

    “A day is a miniature eternity” – that gave me chills! I smiled when you said how we don’t always want to do what it takes to accept God’s offering of newness. I’m trying to think of my 2016 One Little Word – I may have to add “new” to the list of possibilities!


    • bobbietaylor says:

      Thank you so much for taking time to read and to share your reactions and insights. Like you, my reaction to the quote is more visceral than intellectual; it actually hurts my brain to try to comprehend to literally comprehend it! …Sorry I didn’t see the three SJT comments till tonight. One good thing about that: I’ve seen your Tweet about the One Little Word. Thank you for sending that! …Thank you, too, for your SJT word for tomorrow. That word gave me chills since I was noodling with writing an article related to that word before I read your Tweet. Although what I had in mind for the article is not what I just wrote for tomorrow’s post, still the key word is the same. God bless you! We seem to be on the same Holy Spirit wave length! Hope your family holidays at home and away were blessed ones!


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