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Same day; three special birthdays

Funny, in an ironic way. The same night last week that I was pondering my father’s death eleven years earlier–kneeling in the same spot in the living room where the hospital bed had been–but I hadn’t been–unbeknownst to me, another … Continue reading

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flower power: overcoming evil with good

Unlike those of us content to plant only shrubs, our next door neighbors plant all kinds of flowers, including sunflowers, which reach so far above the fence that tries to keep them contained, straightway within their backyard, that I can’t … Continue reading

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(fresh) blood of the martyrs

Nowadays, I’m finding myself paying much more attention to Liturgical readings about the early Christian martyrs. Thinking about either St. Paul’s being beheaded, or St. Peter’s being crucified, for example, has a different impact on me now. Their beheading and … Continue reading

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promises kept and broken

As a consumer, have you ever felt cheated by products that didn’t live up to their advertised features and benefits? Even the youngest consumers can experience the kind of disappointment which turns to resentment—for the company/product that perpetrated the duping … Continue reading

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on “Words of Beautiful Truth”

Akin to reflecting on sticks and stones in the last post, and the fifth grade neighborhood classmate whose taunts first made me feel the punch of words that hurt, I also started thinking about another classmate, and another school, where … Continue reading

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