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flower power: overcoming evil with good

Unlike those of us content to plant only shrubs, our next door neighbors plant all kinds of flowers, including sunflowers, which reach so far above the fence that tries to keep them contained, straightway within their backyard, that I can’t … Continue reading

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promises kept and broken

As a consumer, have you ever felt cheated by products that didn’t live up to their advertised features and benefits? Even the youngest consumers can experience the kind of disappointment which turns to resentment—for the company/product that perpetrated the duping … Continue reading

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“sticks and stones”

Remember the childhood ditty that well-intentioned grownups encouraged us to say in response to our playmates’ verbal taunting or teasing? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me…” I was thinking about the implications of … Continue reading

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To those who would be fathers

It’s another one of more than five dozen Father’s Days I’ve been alive to celebrate, and I’m thinking about Our Heavenly Father, and wondering why it never occurs to me to reach out to Him in special loving gratitude this … Continue reading

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Finding out…as in Galatians 1:15

Yesterday was the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, whom devotees—like me–call upon to help recover lost items, trying our best, I suppose, not to do so superstitiously. And I’m wondering how it is that sometimes we find things that … Continue reading

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