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“Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”

If you didn’t have a chance to watch and listen yet, please take a few minutes, if you can, to enjoy praising God in word and images. “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” sung by Heidi Nadine Happy Thanksgiving! … Continue reading

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Praise God! “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Bearing no malice toward turkeys, nonetheless, I respectfully ask that we keep the turkeys where they belong–tastily plattered on our Thanksgiving tables, and not elevate them to a position of honored guests. Contrary to what a stranger might think upon … Continue reading

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A Bucket of Doubt Antidote

   “Stop doubting and believe,” Jesus told St. Thomas. Could Jesus have made any clearer His position on persistence in doubting Him–both to St. Thomas and to us? Surely we all remember the context in which the admonition was given.  … Continue reading

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Drinking, Humbly, from the Cup of Redemption

My head-on encounter with redemption occurred in a most dramatic way as it relates to alcohol consumption. Having been affected from my earliest years by extended-family alcoholism, I abhorred alcohol, and was frightened whenever I was in the presence of … Continue reading

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center stage: Mercy!

Since yesterday was Random Acts of Poetry Day, I humbly put you center stage on my blog platform, dear Portia, to speak to me of mercy. Please remind me, if you will, of the truth about mercy that you first … Continue reading

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more Eleazar than Old Woman Wearing Purple

Having discovered that this past Thursday, October 1st, was the International Day for Older People, I couldn’t help thinking about how I have grown to become more Eleazar than Old-Woman-Wearing-Purple. When as a young mother I first I read  Jenny Joseph’s … Continue reading

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Grandmothers, Carnations, and Unborn Babies

Carnations in white, as well as in many pastel colors, stems soaking in huge buckets of water, gaily filled our church vestibule this morning. Proceeds from the flower sale will help support women facing crisis pregnancies. Today is Grandparents Day. … Continue reading

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In the face of death–do-overs

“Don’t let Bobbie see me like this.” Those were the last words I heard my grandmother speak before she went into a coma; the last time I heard her voice. Unaware that I was standing in the doorway to the … Continue reading

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flower power: overcoming evil with good

Unlike those of us content to plant only shrubs, our next door neighbors plant all kinds of flowers, including sunflowers, which reach so far above the fence that tries to keep them contained, straightway within their backyard, that I can’t … Continue reading

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swimming with sharks

In response to Pope Francis’ recent encyclical Laudato Si, beautifully summarized by Don Mulcare in a recent Catholic Writers Guild blog post, linked here, I was thinking about American surfer Bethany Hamilton. What made me think of her, a young … Continue reading

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